In continuation of Francine Lancelot’s work the characteristic of l’Éventail Dance Company is Baroque Dance.

Like other illustrious creators, inventors, philosophers, l’Éventail is studying one of the founding sources of the art of dancing: the contemporaries of the 17th century called it “la belle danse”. By spreading itself through the whole of Europe and further, and by means of its richness and intelligence, this style represents the foundation of occidental dance forms. For more than 30 years we have been practicing Baroque Dance, one of the essences of today’s choreographic landscape.

Convinced of the possibilities of this cultural memory which engenders creativity, modernity and the accessibility to a large public, l’Éventail and its team – 6 permanent employees and about 20 freelance artists and technicians – extends its work on 5 axes that work in interaction:

Creation, Distribution, Creative Learning, Research, Education

L’Éventail Dance Company is registered by the Pays de la Loire region’s Ministry of Culture (DRAC) and subsidized by the Pays de la Loire’s Regional Council, the General Council of Sarthe, the city of Sablé.